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Yovel, Y.
Spinoza and Other Heretics. Vol. 1


Yovel, Y.
Spinoza and Other Heretics. Vol. 2


Curley, E.
Behind the Geometrical Method


Mason, R.
The God of Spinoza: A Philosophical Study

Wolfson, H. A.
Wolfson, H.A.
The Philosophy of Spinoza: Unfolding the Latent Processes of His Reasoning


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HTML Abadi, M. (1989)
Spinoza in Borges' Looking-Glass
Borges Studies on Line
new!PDF Akselrod (Ortodoks) , L.I. (1925)
Spinoza and Materialism
Red Virgin Soil, 7:144-168
new!PDF Berlin, I. (1952-3)
Review of George L. Kline, Spinoza in Soviet Philosophy
Oxford Magazine, 71:232–3
HTML Bombardi, R.
How the Rationalists Construe "Clear and Distinct Ideas"
S. Spinoziana
HTML Britan, H.H. (1905)
Spinoza's Method
new!PDF Brommage Jr., T.J. (2004)
How Not to 'Russell' Spinoza: Spinoza and Post-Positivist Analytic Philosophy
new!PDF Caporali, R. (2004)
The Individual and the Multitude in Spinoza
Etica & Politica 1
new!PDF Carriero, J.
Spinoza on Final Causality
HTML Collins, D. (1997)
L'amour intellectuel de Dieu: Lacan's Spinozism and Religious Revival in Recent French Thought
Anthropoetics, 3:1
new!PDF Connolly, W.E. (2001)
Spinoza and Us (Reviews)
Political Theory
HTML Cook, T.J. (1989)
"A Whirlwind at my Back:" Spinozistic Themes in The Fixer
Studia Spinozana, 5
HTML Cook, T.J. (1999)
Adequate Understanding of Inadequate Ideas: Power and Paradox in Spinoza's Cognitive Therapy
HTML Cook, T.J. (1995)
Did Spinoza Lie to his Landlady?
Studia Spinozana, 11
HTML Cook, T.J. (1997)
Spinoza's Place in this Century's Anglo-American Philosophy
PDF Coppens, G. (2003)
Spinoza's Renati des Cartes Principiorum Philosophiae and Cogitata Metaphysica
Geschiedenis de wijsbegeerte in Nederland, 12
new!PDF Curley, E.M. (2006)
Donagan's Spinoza
Memorial Conference for Alan Donagan
new!DOC Curley, E.M. (1991)
Homo Audax: Leibniz, Oldenburg and the Theological-Political Treatise
Studia Leibnitiana, supp.
new!DOC Curley, E.M. (2005)
"'I durst not write so boldly'..."
PDF Curley, E.M. (2001)
The Immortality of the Soul in Descartes and Spinoza
Proceedings of the American Catholic Philosophical Association
new!DOC Curley, E.M. (1996)
Kissinger, Spinoza and Genghis Khan
The Cambridge Companion to Spinoza
new!DOC Curley, E.M. (1994)
Notes on a Neglected Masterpiece (I): Spinoza and the Science of Hermeneutics
The Enduring Questions
new!PDF Curley, E.M. (1991)
The State of Nature and its Law in Hobbes and Spinoza
Philosophical Topics
HTML Duff, R.A. (1903)
Spinoza's Political and Ethical Philosophy
new!PDF Deleuze, G. (1978)
Spinoza's Concept of Affect
HTML Durant, W. (1926)
The Story of Philosophy
HTML Earle, W.A. (1951)
The Ontological Argument in Spinoza
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, 11:549-554
HTML Eisenberg, P. (1971)
How to Understand 'De intellectus emendatione'
Journal of the History of Philosophy, 9:171-192
HTML Elwes, H.R.M. (1883)
HTML Fagley R.
Spinoza and inhuman intelligence: Incarnation and Illibration
HTML Ferguson, W.
Spinozism and Christianity: A Practical Comparison
HTML Fletcher, L.R.
Spinoza's Ethics: an Index of Implication
S. Spinoziana
new!PDF Frydman, B. (2003)
Divorcing Power and Reason: Spinoza and the Founding of Modern Law
Cardozo Law Review, 25
new!PDF Garrett, D.
Representation and Consciousness in Spinoza's Naturalistic Theory of the Imagination
HTML Geisler, N.
Miracles and Modern Scientific Thought
Truth Journal
new!PDF Geismann, G. (1991)
Spinoza - Beyond Hobbes and Rousseau
Journal of the History of Ideas, 52:35-53
new!PDF Goldberg, S. (2002)
Antonin Scalia, Baruch Spinoza, and the Relationship Between Church and State
International Studies in Philosophy, 15 :41-57
HTML Ilyenkov, E.V. (1974)
Thought as an Attribute of Substance
new!PDF Israel, J.I. (1999)
Locke, Spinoza and the Philosophical Debate Concerning Toleration in the Early Enlightenment (c. 1670 - c. 1750)
Mededelingen van de Afdeling Letterkunde, Nieuwe Reeks, Deel 62 no. 6
new!PDF Jirsa, J.
The ethical significance of substance-God difference in Spinoza’s Ethics I
PDF Jones, T.E. (2004)
Benedict de Spinoza
HTML Jongeneelen, G.H.
Semantic Change and the Semantics of Spinozism
HTML Hallett, H.F. (1949)
On a Reputed Equivoque in the Philosophy of Spinoza
Review of Metaphysics, 3:182-212
HTML Hallett, H.F. (1957)
Benedict de Spinoza. The Elements of His Philosophy
new!PDF Hamblet, W.C. (2001)
Spinoza: Ironist and Moral Philosopher
Gnosis, V(1)
HTML Haserot, F.S. (1974)
Spinoza and the Status of Universals
Studies in Spinoza, 43-67
HTML Hegel, G.W.F. (1806)
Lectures on the History of Philosophy
HTML Hemelík, M. (1998)
De repertore entis (On Spinoza's Conception of Being)
HTML Hemelík, M. (1994)
Mors immortalis (The Problem of Death in Spinoza's Philosophy).
new!PDF Hladik, J. (1949)
Spinoza's Ontology
HTML Hölderlin, F.
On Jacobi's Letters Concerning the Teaching of Spinoza
HTML Holland, E.
Spinoza and Marx
HTML Kajamies, T. (1998)
Are Spinozistic Ideas Cartesian Judgements?
20th WCP: Paideia Project On-Line
HTML Kaufmann, F. (1940)
Spinoza's System as Theory of Expression
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, 1:83-97
PDF Klever, W. (2002)
Bernard Mandeville and his Spinozistic Appraisal of Vices
Foglio Spinozi@no, 20 (also as: HTML, DOC)
HTML Klever, W. (2001)
Conflicting "'Consideration of State." Van den Enden's Opposition against De la Court's Aristrocratic Republicanism and ist follow-up in Spinoza's Work
Foglio Spinozi@no, 17
PDF Klever, W. (2002)
Imperium Aeternum. Spinoza's Critique of Machiavelli and its Source in van den Enden
Foglio Spinozi@no, 14 (also as: HTML)
HTML Koistinen, O. (1988)
Bennett on Spinoza's Philosophical Psychotherapy
20th WCP: Paideia Project On-Line
new!HTML Krishnanada, S.
Benedict Spinoza
Studies in Comparative Philosophy
new!PDF Kurth, C. (2005)
Dissolving Wilson 's Puzzle about Spinoza's Theory of Falsity
Inter-Mountain West Philosophy Conference
PDF Laerke, M. (1989)
The Voice and the Name: Spinoza in the Badioudian Critique of Deleuze
Pli, 8:89-99
HTML LeBuffe, M. (2001)
Spinoza's Psychology
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
new!PDF Levene, N. (2004)
Review on J. Samuel Preus, Spinoza and the Irrelevance of Biblical Authority
The Jewish Quarterly Review 94(1):191–201
PDF Lin, M.
Memory and Personal Identity in Spinoza
PDF Lin, M.
Spinoza's Account of Akrasia
PDF Lin, M.
Spinoza's Metaphysics of Desire: IIIP6D
Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie
PDF Lin, M.
Spinoza's Proofs of the Existence of God
PDF Lin, M.
Teleology and Human Action in Spinoza
new!HTML Maidansky, A.D. (1998)
The Reform of Logic in Descartes's and Spinoza's Works
Russian Studies in Philosophy, 37:25-44.
new!HTML Maidansky, A.D. (2003)
The Russian Spinozists
Studies in East European Thought, 55:199-216
new!PDF (1950)
Men with Ideas: Spinoza
PDF Meijer, R.W.
Spinoza's Ethica: A Systematical Presentation of the Emotions (affectus)
(also as: HTML)
new!PDF Miller, J.A. (2003)
Spinoza and the Concept of a Law of Nature
History of Philosophy Quarterly 20(3):257-276
new!PDF Miller, J.A. (2001)
Spinoza's Possibilities
The Review of Methaphysics 54:779-814
HTML Mittleman, A. (1998)
Review on Steven B. Smith, Spinoza, Liberalism, and the Question of Jewish Identity
First Things, 79:49-52
new!PDF Morrison, J. (2004)
Spinoza’s Attribute Polarity and the Nucleation of Observability
new!PDF Pereboom, D. (1994)
Stoic Psychotherapy in Descartes and Spinoza
Faith and Philosophy 11:592-625
new!PDF Pircey, R. (1996)
The Spinoza-intoxicated man: Deleuze on expression
Man and World 29:269–281
PDF Prokhovnik, R. (2000)
Does Spinoza have a Conception of Sovereignty?
new!PDF Rozier, C. (2005)
Towards a Spinozistic democratic military
new!PDF Savile, A. (2003)
Spinoza, Medea and Irrationality in Action
Modern Philosophy Workshop
HTML Schirmacher, W. (1983)
Monism in Spinoza's and Husserl's Thought: The Ontological Background of the Body-Soul-Problem
new!PDF Schwartz, M. (2000)
Of Cause and Purpose Without Need: Spinoza's Ethics
2000 C.E. at The Four Corners
HTML Shestov, L. (1929)
Children and Stepchildren of Time: Spinoza in History
In job's balances
HTML Sides, C.B. (1997)
Spinoza's Finite Modes: Explained or Explained Away?
HTML Sjunnesson, J. (1997)
Spinoza's Political Ontology
HTML Sjunnesson, J. (1998)
Power and Desire in the Political Ontology of Spinoza and Deleuze/Guattari
HTML Sjunnesson, J. (1998)
Epistemology as Ethics: Spinoza's on Man's Knowledge of Nature and God as his Ultimate End
PDF Sugar, G.
Treatise of Rational Metaphysics: New Preface to Spinoza's Ethics
HTML Weber, A. (1908)
History of Philosophy
new!DOC Wilson, C.
Knowledge and Immortality in Spinoza and Mulla Sadra
PDF Wischik, L. (1997)
The Shape of Deduction in Spinoza's Ethics
HTML Woods, A.
Descartes, Spinoza and Leibniz
The History of Philsophy
HTML Wozniak, R.H.
Mind and Body: René Descartes to William James
PDF Zimmermann, R.E.
Loops and Knots as Topoi of Substance. Spinoza Revisited
PDF Zuolo, F.
Sen's Capability Theory: Spinoza Beyond Aristotle

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