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Garrett, D.(ed.)
The Cambridge Companion to Spinoza


Scruton, R.
Spinoza: A Very Short Introduction


Deleuze, G.
Expressionism in Philosophy: Spinoza


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HTML Deleuze, G.
Seminar Session on Spinoza
(also as: PDF, DOC)
HTML Uzgalis, B.
PHL302 Spinoza
Oregon State University
HTML Brown, C.
Spinoza on Why There Can Only Be One Substance
Trinity University
HTML Brown, C.
Spinoza, Ethics, Part II: Some Important Themes
Classical Modern Philosophy, Trinity University
HTML Ess, C.
Comments on Spinoza
Drury University
HTML Hauptli, B.W.
Lecture Supplement Introducing Spinoza
Florida International University
HTML Hauptli, B.W.
Lecture Supplement on Spinoza’s The Ethics
Florida International University
HTML Mattey, G.J.
Baruch Spinoza
UC Davis
PDF Morriston, W.
How Spinoza Establishes that God is the only Substance
University of Colorado
HTML Pruss, A.R.
Lectures on Spinoza
Georgetown University
HTML Suber, P.
Great Chain of Being
Earlham College

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